Athlete Inside is a multisport coaching and personal training business dedicated to providing top-quality services to athletes in Cincinnati and the surrounding metro areas in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

The goal of Athlete Inside is to make the path of endurance sports and fitness more accessible for those who are just starting, and even more rewarding for those who are already on the journey of becoming more.

I invite you to take a look through these pages to learn more about Athlete Inside.
Whether your goals are fitness or performance, you will find a variety of programs and flexible coaching services to meet your needs.
At Athlete Inside, I place a high priority on functional fitness, technique and skill development, consistency, high-quality nutrition, periodization, education, motivation, appropriate variety, balanced workouts and a balanced life, exercise formats that are intrinsically enjoyable to you, and ethics and good sportsmanship.

I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter, so you can be kept up to date on coaching and training opportunities as they develop. And please feel free to email me through the form on the contact page if you have any questions!
All the best,

Kathy Cunningham, PhD
USA Triathlon Level I Coach
Phone: 513-393-9828
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